Jewelry Trends That Are Here To Stay

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For every fashionistas, it is very important that the choice of jewelry is really nice. There are quite a few trends that have been set by this year’s New York Fashion Week. Moreover, there are designers all across the globe who are shaping metals and beads into designs that the world has never seen before. From pendants to chokers, there are additions and innovations in the form of new metals and many mismatched innovations.  Given below is a short discussion on the jewelry trends that have been set and are here to stay:

It is the trend for single earring. This is a new take on ear ornamentation. This trend has spread like virus and everywhere the fashionistas are sporting this unbalanced look. There are earrings in almost everything – color, cloth, asymmetrical in shape, unbalanced in length… it’s like the designers have found beauty in asymmetry and irregularity.

Brass and the tint that looks like brass are very much ‘in’ when it comes to jewelry. Choose jewelry that is in richly hued brass. There are wide varieties of pieces that have been done in brash and bold which the fashion conscious women can use to team up with just almost any dress. Jewelry has come a long way from just being intricately cut in gold and stones. They are much more than that. There are bold animal patterns and pieces of solid gold or other precious metals. So, be ready to flaunt heavy metals and large gems. It is surely going to make the much needed difference.

The 70’s hippie look is here again and now, it’s one of the raging jewelry trends that are here to stay for some time. The designers are creating earthy, chunky pieces that are retro-fit for just the look the hippie-at-hearts are looking for. However, bohemian jewelry got a more streamlines look in the hands of the designers than what those were originally.

The pendants are here and are making their presence felt at this year’s spring-summer collection. The varieties of pendants that are there are taking a large chunk of the statement market. Change the game altogether by updating the basics and you will be able to make a big difference in your style.

There are more of monochromatic colored stones and metal pendants in this year’s collection. However, that never means the colorful jewelry trend is gone. There are earrings, pendants, and necklaces crafted with colorful gemstones. These colorful jewels are with a medieval nod and are very much preferable by the fashion conscious women all around the world. Brands like Dolce & Gabbana and Givenchy are some of the big players in the fashion world who are creating colorful and interesting pieces of jewelry.

In addition to these big and visible trends in the fashion world, there are many small trends that have been noted in fashion weeks in the recent times. One of that is the reinterpretation of the ear cuff. Precious metals and stones are being used to create interesting patterns and designs on the ear cuffs. Flower necklaces are also seen much this year. Jewelry also got geometric patterns in the hands of the designers rather than being round and boring always.

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