Fashion For A Cause – What’s going on in the World?

Fashion trends come and go. While there are certain trends that go as frequently as they come, there are others that are perennial and here for some good number of days. Fashion is not always about fun and fundraising. There are many designers who are organizing fashion shows and creating clothesline for raising funds for societal causes.

How do you like the idea of buying a designer tote for just $220 or a nightwear gown for just $340? You’d be shopping for a good cause too! It would be a thing of pride if you could buy designer clothes and the money you pay goes for good cause like an HIV initiative.

Online stores and fashion for cause

There are many online stores that sell fashion for a good cause. Online stores like and Amazon are stocking clothes that support the Born Free Africa Initiative. This clothesline has been launched as a part of their new capsule collection in collaboration with the Born Free Africa, a private sector initiative. The goal of this special collection by the Born Free Africa is to put an end to the mother-to-child transmission of HIV by Dec 31, 2015.

Wondering who the designers is who is being the part of the Born Free Africa Initiative? Kenya born and Brooklyn based contemporary artist Wangechi Mutu along with 22 designers including Miuccia Prada, J. Crew’s Jenna Lyons, Isabel Marant,and Tory Burch. There are different types of clothing that this group brought forward for the people to buy. They have drawstring pants, ladylike skirts, peasant blouses, and scarves that people would be enthusiastically spending on. They took special care in designing clothes that are practical and useful for people in their everyday lives.

This capsule collection that the stores sold was a part of the fashion industry led actions to raise money for HIV initiative. Here, the aim is to achieve a generation free of HIV. It was a global effort. The items are priced less for the cause so that there is maximum sale and a significant amount of money could be collected for the noble cause.

There are many fashion brands and houses that are making separate clothesline for different social causes. This is the third year of Moustache Bash by Dean Renwick when the brand will support the Prostate Assessment Center at the Pasque Hospital. Renwick is the designer who has been contributing towards breast cancer and men’s health.

In the initial first two years, Moustache Bash raised a total of $20, 000. This year however, Renwick hopes to raise as much as $15, 000 to $20, 000. The collection by this designer will feature 24 pieces of designerwear.

All the reputed clothes brands of the world including Vogue pledged to donate money for fundraising programs for supporting different social causes throughout the world. There are advertising and promotional campaigns and also special shows to attract as much attention as possible towards such fundraising programs. The fashion shows that are organized sell out tickets so that these programs could have a lot of viewer and that the clothes should sell well.

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